Fin is an African credit-led digital bank. Fin is simply smarter finance for everybody. Together with its partners, the company is providing credit, wallets, savings, insurance, and more in a fast, convenient, and reliable way.

  • We support Fin with access to investors (equity & debt)
  • Fin is an African credit-led digital bank.
  • Fin currently operates in South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania and has raised $40M in funding to date.
  • The company uses AI algorithms to provide an array of credit-centric products including traditional credit, embedded credit, and BNPL. 
  • The two Co-CEOs, Tonderai Mutesva, and Timothy Nuy, were selected in March 2023 by the international section panel as Endeavour entrepreneurs. Endeavor currently supports 2,433 entrepreneurs leading 1,502 companies in 41 markets around the world.