About Africa Unlimited

Africa Unlimited is a dynamic organization dedicated to catalyzing networks, projects and investments focused on the African continent. Through its activities, the company fosters exchanges between key African and global public and private stakeholders.

With a focus on promoting sustainable development and advancing economic opportunities, we manage key initiatives, including the Africa Collective (www.africacollective.xyz), the Swiss-African Business Circle (www.sabc.ch), Art Network Africa (www.artnetworkafrica.com) and Digital Network Africa (www.digitalnetworkafrica.com).

Through these platforms, we bring together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to facilitate meaningful conversations and foster collaboration with the objective of driving growth and prosperity on the African continent.


Our vision is to be a catalyst for sustainable development and economic growth on the African continent, unlocking its full potential through innovative projects, investments and partnerships.


At Africa Unlimited, our mission is to build, manage and support networks, projects and investments that drive growth and prosperity on the African continent. We do this by engaging across three different business areas:

  • Networks
  • Projects
  • Investments

Our Values


Obstacles are challenges. Once engaged in a project, we stay put until the set objectives are reached. The passion we have for what we do makes us go the extra mile.


Our activities are guided by clear ethical standards we can identify ourselves with. We give special attention to building strong partnerships with local networks. Complying with ethical standards implies total independence from political institutions.


Spotting business opportunities by taking an innovative and creative approach to business development is our strength.


We recognize that collaboration and partnerships are essential to unlocking the full potential of the African continent. We work closely with stakeholders across sectors and regions to build and manage networks, support innovative projects, and drive investments that create value and positive impact for all. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in all our activities, nitiatives and partnerships. 


We are committed to promoting sustainable development and creating economic opportunities that will benefit the African continent for years to come. We believe that economic growth and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, and we seek to balance economic, social, and environmental considerations in all our initiatives.